Many challenges, one aim: better outcomes

Services for device, diagnostic, and biotech companies

  • Content strategy, writing, and editing

  • Clinical and technical communications (white papers, posters, journal figures, user guides, reference materials)

  • Explaining science and technology to providers, payers, and consumers

  • Design strategy for internal communications

  • Website design and content organization

  • Data visualization and presentation

  • Marketing to healthcare professionals

  • Branding for products, services, and programs


Services for health care and clinical environments

  • Design strategy for public health interventions

  • Cognitive aids and communication tools for clinicians

  • Family and patient communications

  • Interface design (paper and digital)

  • Instructional design and training materials

  • Guidelines, protocols, forms

  • Systems and process improvement


We offer a mix of strategic, analytical, and creative services to suit your team, context, and problem.


Design strategy


We focus on helping teams define success, clarify process, articulate goals and measures, identify risks and barriers, describe key audiences and contexts, and prioritize efforts. We then co-develop a plan for what comes next, but the real value is the process of creating a cohesive team understanding.

Information architecture


The analysis and structuring of ideas is central to our work and we use a range of visualization and facilitation techniques to help turn fuzzy ideas into something real that can be wrestled with and managed.

User and stakeholder research


The central question for any people-centered project is: Which people? In what context? What do they care about? What challenges and successes do they experience? Through interviews and observational research, surveys and design sessions, we help you identify, describe, and learn from the people you hope to influence or serve.

Content strategy and development


Good design requires good content and smart strategy requires sustainable systems. We help you define what “good” means for the people you are trying to reach and then craft content and processes that align with both audience needs and your objectives.  

Creative direction and visual design


We've executed hundreds of creative projects over 25 years for corporate, academic, and non-profit clients, producing a wide array of print and digital deliverables for internal and external audiences. Our sweet spot is crafting simple, elegant, and effective designs that illuminate content and work well for people in their context.

Scientific and technical communications


Our understanding of science and years of experience enable us to quickly understand complex issues and ideas, cut to the essence, and identify the underlying story. Then we present the information so that it is clear, accurate, and compelling. 

Chris helps you think through complex problems, pushes you to stay focused, and helps guide to a carefully crafted solution. He has made everything that he worked on with us better.
— Dr. Bill Berry, Associate Director and Senior Advisor, Ariadne Labs


Cognitive aids and communication tools that guide behavior

Wait, you're experts in making checklists?

Yep. We help clinician researchers, quality improvement teams, healthcare executives, and other innovators develop simple, easy-to-use information, communication, and behavior aids that can improve the delivery and experience of care. 

These tools include:

  • Cognitive aids

  • Checklists

  • Decision aids

  • Conversation guides

  • Clinical practice guidelines

  • Patient instructions

We help teams:

  • Identify and serve user needs

  • Reduce cognitive load

  • Make navigation clear and easy

  • Optimize language for clarity and consistency

  • Integrate tools into existing workflow

  • Apply branding that does not diminish usability

  • Make informed choices when compromises are required

How are we different?

We have wrestled extensively with the unique design challenges of creating tools to inform and shape behavior in clinical environments, working with nationally recognized investigators and public health organizations and producing tools that are in use in major institutions.